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Our company which joined to the business life as LTD in 2000, started with machining-turning jobs and sold the vibra- tion machines, which are debris removal and surface cleaning etching machines. Until today, in many projects, expert technical staff, manufacturing and installation together with the most appropriate solution and service. Our company owns projects, projects, contracts with a great task consciousness. Most of its production is located in the industrial zone in Ankara Kazan and the other part is İvedik Org.San. region. For this purpose, it has established its own quality management system with the aim of creating an effective inspection system at every stage of production. And it is systematized with ISO9001-2000, CE, LOCAL PROPERTY certificate for improving the quality and productivity. is carried out with a planned team work. In all of our projects, our company has made the principle of completing its works on time by fulfilling human security and technical requirements. Our company is in the effort to contribute to our industry by reaching to 20 countries by adding every new year to the number of the countries it has exported. Since 2015, with a new understanding of quality and responsibility with the investments made in the quality of cheaper quality by giving the best service to our customers aimed to serve.Service more quickly than all competitors, the customer has always won the liking. Within the 15th year targets of the establishment of the year 2015, the machines that are classified as mobile mobile sanding and cabin sanding machines in the market are aiming to complete the preparations for serial production until the end of 2016 and to enter the new year as mass production. One of the other goals is to remove the operator from the cabin gambling machines and to put this system ready for the project in a very short time.

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